Thank You!!

A huge thank you to all our friends and family for the out-pouring of support we received after going public with Pastured Providence Farmstead! This is a massive leap of faith for us, and can be very scary at times. But because of folks like you, we feel like we’ll be taken care of whatever the future brings. Thank you for your kind words, your encouragement and your great advice. It was (and still is) wonderful to read all your comments on the blog, Facebook and email.   Please keep the conversation going as we move forward towards our goals of farm ownership, healthy food production, self-sufficiency and caring for our land and the animals entrusted to us. Visit, comment, question… all of that is important to us as we strive for transparency in our journey, so your input is both valuable and highly desired. You are a big reason … Continue reading

The Branding Of Our Farm

No, not kind involving a hot iron and a squirmy calf…   The branding I’m talking is the kind of business savvy that intentionally develops an image, message and target audience, and works to maintain a certain reputation within that audience. The kind of branding that has fostered the creation of brand management companies, branding agencies and a host of other associated terms/roles. While all of that may seem a little out of reach for us, we have committed to a certain level of branding for Pastured Providence Farmstead, starting with our name, logo and web presence.     We are very pleased with the name of our future farm, if I don’t say myself. It means something to us, and hopefully will to others as well. But it didn’t come easy, in fact it took months of discussion and brain-storming.  We had a general framework agreed upon, but as … Continue reading

Visions Of Pastoral Bliss

One of the comments we get a lot as we try to describe our dream to others is “You can’t make money farming these days”. Of course this comment comes equally from those who have no clue what they are talking about to those who are intimately aware of the challenges of farming in today’s food system… I guess it wouldn’t be a stereotype if it wasn’t at least part true. I’ll get into the money side of things in a different post, but hearing that comment always makes me want to detail why our vision is so different than conventional agriculture’s approach, and why I think that vision “clicks” with those who are seeking to source their food from somewhere different than the massive, inhumane, adulterated, ultra-processed, non-nutrative, industrial system. The centerpiece of our farm will be ruminants, those amazing animals that have been designed with a 4-part stomach … Continue reading

You’re Going To Do What?

We get that one a lot. Granted, lately we’ve noticed people’s reactions trending towards the positive and supportive, but we’ve been on the receiving end of our fair share of raised eyebrows. Most people assume that because I’m an Air Force pilot (I know, I know… the old joke applies: “Q: How do you know someone is a pilot within the first 10 seconds you meet him? A: He’ll tell you.”) that I want to go fly for the airlines after retiring with 20 years of active duty service. Not a bad plan for most, but we’ve got different ideas. So the obvious question is, what brought us to this decision to leave the Air Force after only 12 years in order to start a farm?   I’ve always had a love for the country, having grown up in the rolling hills of New York State’s Southern Tier. I left … Continue reading

How Did I End Up Here?

I have to admit, this is wildly awkward for me right now. As someone who has sworn allegiance to the word “simple” and declared most matters of technology restrictive and unnecessary, I now find myself… writing a blog? How did I end up here? What brings me to venture into the world of hash-tags, ping-backs and something called a “gravatar”, which I’m pretty sure is some sort of gremlin that lives on my server? My answer: A deep love for cows, but more on that later. This blog is an attempt to detail my family’s complete shift in mentality, values and vision as we transition from a comfortable-ish life moving up through the United States military command structure towards something altogether different: that of making a living off the land by raising and selling grass-fed meats and other “natural” products direct to consumers. In the spirit of Nature’s Harmony Farm, Little … Continue reading