How Did I End Up Here?

I have to admit, this is wildly awkward for me right now. As someone who has sworn allegiance to the word “simple” and declared most matters of technology restrictive and unnecessary, I now find myself… writing a blog?

How did I end up here? What brings me to venture into the world of hash-tags, ping-backs and something called a “gravatar”, which I’m pretty sure is some sort of gremlin that lives on my server? My answer: A deep love for cows, but more on that later.

This blog is an attempt to detail my family’s complete shift in mentality, values and vision as we transition from a comfortable-ish life moving up through the United States military command structure towards something altogether different: that of making a living off the land by raising and selling grass-fed meats and other “natural” products direct to consumers. In the spirit of Nature’s Harmony FarmLittle Seed Farm, The Beginning Farmer and Synergistic Acres, we look to take our place among the ranks of those who believe in a better way of raising food and are taking action based on those beliefs.

The content here will be based around our story of transition, including some of the backstory on how and why we’ve arrived at this place in our lives. It will include equal parts local food and back-to-the-land movements, as well as a variety of environmental, health and governmental issues. And it will undoubtably contain flavors of sustainability, self-reliance and Christian undertones with a smattering of anti-fracking thrown in for good measure, mostly because I can’t help myself. You won’t see pictures of our family at Christmas, that is unless we happen to be shoveling manure, carving a hog or any other agricultural venture deemed worthy of sharing. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t see any pictures at all for a while, at least until I figure out that part of this blogging thing!

It (our life, not necessarily this blog) is going to be exciting, scary, trying and fulfilling all at the same time, and I welcome you along for the ride. I find myself at peace as I consider what is ahead, but only time will tell whether that is reality or a cruel, cruel illusion. Stay tuned to find out!

Paul Sig

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3 Responses to How Did I End Up Here?

  1. Jeff Hamons says:

    Congratulations on putting yourself out there for the world to see! I will enjoy following along . Synergistic Acres – Kansas City Natural Meat

    • Jeff,
      Thanks so much, glad to have you stop by! As you know from experience, this is a huge step and we are beyond excited. Much more to come, so please feel free to follow along… I have Synergistic Acres in my reader and love to see what you guys are up to each time you post. Thanks again, and take care!

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