The Demise Of Our (NY) Plans

One week ago, with tears in our eyes, we signed the “Cancellation and Release of Real Estate Contract” for the property that we had hoped would be the place to raise our kids and settle down for good. We were heartbroken… 5 months of precious time and over $1,000 in fees, inspections and tests wasted; not to mention all the mental effort, planning, dreaming and discussions we had as we looked forward with great anticipation to living in upstate NY. Now we are forced to start over from square one: looking at properties online, cold-calling realtors for aerial maps, begging for more information and spending money to travel and visit properties in person. Words only touch the surface of the emotions: frustrated, disappointed, angry.       How did it come to this? It all started with our bank’s appraisal, a normal and typically non-threatening formality towards the end of the … Continue reading

DIY: Raised-Bed Gardening

For the past 5 years or so, we have attempted to provide a little food for ourselves through a garden. We’ve learned some things, had some wonderful successes (us and cucumbers, we REALLY get along) and some abject failures. Unfortunately, once we feel like we’re getting one place really squared away, it seems like it’s been time to move to our next assignment and start over. One of the (many) things we’re really looking forward to on our new farm is the ability to have a much larger homesteading garden that we can nurture and put some effort in to for the long haul. So far we’ve grown lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, shell peas, green beans, carrots, cucumbers (regular & pickling), tomatoes, yellow squash, and bell peppers.     Here in Mississippi, we made our first attempt at raised-bed gardening. There are several benefits to this approach: … Continue reading

Future Customer Poll

Below is the blog version of a questionnaire that we recently created. Please leave your answers in the “comment” section below, we’d love to have your input and opinions as our farm vision continues to take form.      Dear Future Customer, You are invited to participate in a poll from Pastured Providence Farmstead. Your answers will help determine the choices we make in order to better serve our customers. If you were to purchase meat products from us, which method would you prefer? A. Retail cuts like you would see in a grocery store B. Custom cuts, buying a 1/2 or 1/4 animal direct from us, processed to order C. CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) model, investing in our farm “up front” and getting a variety of meat cuts & other products monthly   We plan to sell farm-fresh eggs. Would you prefer our hens consume GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organism) … Continue reading