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Below is the blog version of a questionnaire that we recently created. Please leave your answers in the “comment” section below, we’d love to have your input and opinions as our farm vision continues to take form.

Dear Future Customer,
You are invited to participate in a poll from Pastured Providence Farmstead. Your answers will help determine the choices we make in order to better serve our customers.

  1. If you were to purchase meat products from us, which method would you prefer?
    A. Retail cuts like you would see in a grocery store
    B. Custom cuts, buying a 1/2 or 1/4 animal direct from us, processed to order
    C. CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) model, investing in our farm “up
    front” and getting a variety of meat cuts & other products monthly
  2. We plan to sell farm-fresh eggs. Would you prefer our hens consume GMO-free (Genetically Modified Organism) feed that may or may not have to come from a distant source, or local feed that may or may not contain GMOs?
    A. GMO-free is more important to me
    B. Supporting local feed mills/food-shed is more important to me
    C. I don’t really care as long as the hens graze mostly on pasture
  3. How would you like to purchase your farm products?
    A. Local farmer’s market
    B. Come directly to our farm to pick-up, on-farm store
    C. Group pickup points, scheduled monthly
    D. Ship by Fed-Ex, UPS and/or USPS
  4. Pick four products that you would be the most interested in:
    A. Beef
    B. Pork
    C. Chicken
    D. Eggs
    E. Lamb
    F. Rabbit
    G. Turkey
    H. Maple syrup
    I. Honey
    J. Homemade soap, lotion, lip balm
    K. Fresh baked goods (bread, muffins, etc)
    L. Handcrafted items
  5. Which species of animal do you think will be the first to be born on our farm?
    A. Cow
    B. Pig
    C. Chicken
    D. Human

Hint: There is only one question with a right answer!

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