DIY: Rain Barrels

My wife loves me. How can I tell, you ask? Lots of reasons really, but one specific way is that she buys me nice things. Not expensive, rare, or the latest cultural rage, but things that she knows I will enjoy, use and cherish because she knows me inside and out. She puts a lot of effort into gift giving, a perfect example of which was my birthday two years ago. At the end of a treasure hunt, complete with clues to follow, was the subject of this DIY post: A “Raincatcher 6000” rain barrel (I assume the 6000 means how many ounces of water it will hold), which features a screen to remove debris and keep mosquitoes from laying eggs, an overflow pipe to route water through when it is full, and stubs that you can cut off and connect to other barrels to set up a series of them … Continue reading

We Bought A Tractor!

   Well, it’s official… we are now farmers! Well, not exactly, but we’re one step closer after purchasing our first piece of equipment for the farm. It’s not physically in our possession yet, since my dad and uncle actually found the deal near where he lives in NY, but the tractor and equipment is now parked in his front yard waiting to make the drive to our (eventual) farm. We bought a 19?? Massey Ferguson 50 with a 4-cycle gas engine, which produces 34 horsepower from the drawbar and 38 horsepower from the power take-off. Some other equipment was included along with the tractor: brush hog, utility trailer, rear box blade, 2-bottom plow and a set of snow-chains for the rear tires.     My dad and uncle were shooting the bull with someone they used to go to high school with when the guy mentioned that his father, who had … Continue reading

Did God Save Us From New York?

Several times during the past 5 months, we have looked at ourselves and said “Are we sure we want to live in NY State?” While we remained committed to what (we thought) God had in store for us, there were definitely some things we were having to get past to get to that point. Now that the property has fallen through and we are forced to start over, I wonder whether God has given us a 2nd chance regarding the location where we will start our farm and raise our children.    We had settled on upstate NY for several reasons. First off, I was born & raised in the Southern Tier of NY and both my parents still live in the general region… one on the old home place and one SE of Syracuse. Also, although most people I talk to don’t realize this, upstate NY is one of … Continue reading