We Bought A Tractor!

Massey-Ferguson 50 Tractor

Our new (to us) Massey-Ferguson 50 tractor, isn’t she beautiful?!

Well, it’s official… we are now farmers! Well, not exactly, but we’re one step closer after purchasing our first piece of equipment for the farm. It’s not physically in our possession yet, since my dad and uncle actually found the deal near where he lives in NY, but the tractor and equipment is now parked in his front yard waiting to make the drive to our (eventual) farm. We bought a 19?? Massey Ferguson 50 with a 4-cycle gas engine, which produces 34 horsepower from the drawbar and 38 horsepower from the power take-off. Some other equipment was included along with the tractor: brush hog, utility trailer, rear box blade, 2-bottom plow and a set of snow-chains for the rear tires.

Picture of brush hog attached to tractor

Here’s a shot of the brush hog that came as part of the deal.


My dad and uncle were shooting the bull with someone they used to go to high school with when the guy mentioned that his father, who had just passed away, had left his “pet” tractor to be dealt with. The guy’s father was the original owner, always kept it under cover, and took great care of it. Now that he had passed away, dad’s friend mentioned that he would have to sell it since no one in the family had a use for the tractor, and my dad’s ears perked right up. They arranged to go see it, and when they went to start it, it cranked right over and “purred like a dream”. When the guy said he’d take $3500 for the tractor and all the extra equipment, they could hardly believe their ears!

Massey-Ferguson 50 Tractor

Welcome to Pastured Providence, little tractor!

This is a smaller utility type tractor, useful for most of the odd jobs around a farm. The only thing it is a little under-powered for in our farm vision is pulling a hay bine or bailer/wagon combo. But for all the normal hauling, garden work, pulling trailers, etc it will be absolutely perfect. Not to mention its smaller size and increased maneuverability will come in handy working in the woods, and you can’t beat the price! By my math, the equipment alone is almost worth what we paid for the entire package. A tractor won’t play the central role in our farm plan, but it will play a very important one, nonetheless. I’m excited to take a concrete step forward towards the farm in purchasing our first real bit of infrastructure/equipment. Now we just have to find a place to bring it to!

Paul Sig

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3 Responses to We Bought A Tractor!

  1. Great tractor! I have 2 bottom plow envy right now…

    Read about your NY property fall-through. Kind of amazing, but not uncommon. It took me two years to finalize things on my farm and I was a Realtor for 20 years…

    Good luck with the new property 🙂

    • Hi Jackie, welcome to the blog! It’s an honor to have you stop by… I’ve read Auburn Meadow Farm’s blog for a long time and consider myself a big fan. We’re pretty pleased with the tractor, and the deal we got on it. My brother was just up visiting my dad and he took a bunch of pictures for me as well as taking it out for a spin. He was very impressed and thinks it will serve us well on the farm.

      It looks more and more like the NY property debacle was the perfect thing to happen to us, as frustrating as it was to go through it. It was an absolute mess dealing with 3 co-owning sisters who showed no interest in helping to move the deal to closing, and the house had a bunch of issues that we were overlooking to get to the land, which was gorgeous. Now that we are close (2 weeks) to closing on the place in southern Ohio, we begin to see God’s design in getting us there. My next post will be on that property, our current land situation, plans, etc… so come back for an update when you get a second!

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