DIY: Restoring A Farmall Cub Tractor

I’ve always secretly considered myself a “man’s man”, capable and learned in the craft of all things manly. I’m equally comfortable around woodworking, plumbing, laying tile & brick, electrical work, general tinkering, and around-the-house upkeep… but one (of several) chinks in my man armor was the fact that I knew next to nothing about engines. I’ve always changed my own oil, and have bumbled my way through minor maintenance on my vehicles in the past, but I didn’t grow up learning much in the way of a mechanic’s trade. So more than 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to make myself a better man, a more manly man. I wanted to increase my knowledge of all things vehicle-related from squat to superfluous, from insufficient to impressive, from… well, you get the picture! Originally I was thinking of restoring an old Chevy pickup, but in the spirit of the decision … Continue reading

The Million Dollar Question

Have you ever upset someone so much that they couldn’t speak? That was the (wildly uncomfortable) situation I found myself in when I told my mother that we had made our decision… I was getting out of the Air Force after 12 years, foregoing an active duty retirement and walking away to start a farm. The silence was deafening. She was mad. Mad because in her mind I was endangering my family by foolishly quitting a career that I was good at. Mad because I was turning my back on a stable job that pays extremely well in the worst of uncertain times. Of course I know that she only wanted the best for us and was/is scared for us, and to her credit there is an element of truth in all of her concerns.   Ultimately, all of her fears boil down to financial security, and to be perfectly … Continue reading

“Plan B”: Southern Ohio?

It is truly amazing how God works and moves. Barely 1 month ago, we were lamenting the train wreck that our dreams had come to in NY. Forced to pick ourselves up and move forward into the unknown, we began to consider other locations/states/options. Realizing that southern Ohio still held a lot of promise & natural beauty, as well as the strong pull of proximity to our generation of family, we began to explore that area and found several possibilities. We knew time wasn’t on our side anymore, so I took some leave and drove up there just 2 weeks later to check things out in person. I was excited to find a really nice place for sale by owner, a place that I could “see it” as soon as I drove onto the property.    The land consists of about 90 acres of tillable/pasture land, around 15 acres of … Continue reading