“Plan B”: Southern Ohio?

It is truly amazing how God works and moves. Barely 1 month ago, we were lamenting the train wreck that our dreams had come to in NY. Forced to pick ourselves up and move forward into the unknown, we began to consider other locations/states/options. Realizing that southern Ohio still held a lot of promise & natural beauty, as well as the strong pull of proximity to our generation of family, we began to explore that area and found several possibilities. We knew time wasn’t on our side anymore, so I took some leave and drove up there just 2 weeks later to check things out in person. I was excited to find a really nice place for sale by owner, a place that I could “see it” as soon as I drove onto the property.

Is this the entrance to our new home?

Is this the entrance to our new home?


The land consists of about 90 acres of tillable/pasture land, around 15 acres of immature woods, then a pond, several streams, the house and outbuildings round out the 112 acre total. It is tucked way back off a small country road at the end of a long driveway, and has a very secluded feel to it. The house is in absolutely beautiful “move in ready” condition, and as I mentioned there are several very nice outbuildings near the house as well. The property is not without its issues, although they pale in comparison to the old NY place. The current owner has placed a fair amount of the land in CREP, which is an environmental conservation program that restricts usage in order to develop habitat for wildlife. We like the idea of developing habitat, but don’t necessarily want to allow bureaucrats access to our land or decision making. The payments for being in the program would be nice, but we have to ask ourselves… at what cost?


Does this driveway lead to the property of our dreams?

Does this driveway lead to the property of our dreams?


Needless to say, I loved the property after viewing it twice while I was up there. Heather was in the unenviable position of having to make a decision sight unseen, although I brought home a ton of pictures and video. She did exactly that though, and we submitted an offer less than a week later. After a very short negotiation period, we came to an agreement that we are ecstatic about! It has only been 2 weeks since we inked the contract, but things are moving forward quickly and easily. The home, pest and radon inspections have come back with acceptable results, the bank has proved cooperative and the seller is incredibly responsive. We are currently waiting on the results of the appraisal, as well as the septic inspection (the seller has agreed to address any deficiencies at his cost before closing). What a night and day difference between this process so far and the struggle to get to closing in NY… it is well within reality to say that we may close by the end of this month!!

Obviously the deal is not done yet, but it goes without saying that we hold more hope for this property than any other we’ve considered. Time will tell if this is the place that God has prepared for us, our farm and our family. Exciting times are upon us again, and hope springs eternal!!

Paul Sig

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  1. Kris says:

    Interesting process on deciding where to put down roots. In doing family history research we discovered that family from all sides had started out in New York or Pennsylvania, migrated to Ohio and Michigan and all eventually ended up in here in Nebraska. I guess I’m thankful they did the hard work for us and we can enjoy where we are.

    • Kris,
      Interesting is one way to describe it! Family has always been a huge part of this decision to move away from the Air Force and set down more permanent roots… it’s something that has definitely been sacrificed up to this point. Upstate NY provided a middle ground between Heather’s family and mine, but since she is an only child most of her family is her mother’s generation. When NY proved untenable, Heather had the hardest decision to make: Intentionally sacrifice proximity to her side of the family in order to be much closer to our generation of family, most of whom are on my side. We regret taking our family away from Heather’s aunts & uncles, but are excited to be very close to my brother, sister and their families.

      I think it would be a blessing to have your family all in one place, or at least nearby, but I’m sure that comes with its own set of issues! I grew up with something that resembled that, but since then we’ve all scattered. Thanks for checking out the blog, and stop by any time!

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