We Bought The Farm!!

We are excited and pleased to announce that Pastured Providence Farmstead finally has a physical place to call home… nestled in the hills just outside of Chillicothe, Ohio!! Last week we officially closed on the property, and couldn’t be happier with how things ultimately turned out.

Halfway down the driveway, looking towards the house and barns.


Aswe mentioned here, the land is 111 acres total, mostly pastures and tillable acreage with approximately 10-15 acres of woods, as well as a pond and several springs. It has a beautiful house, 4-car detached garage, large pole barn, several smaller out buildings. The house and barns are located just about dead center on the property, with a long 1/2 mile driveway off a small country road. What we like most about the land is the availability of grazeable acres and apparent ease in setting up a rotational grazing system.

The woods are immature, but still hold some deer (we spooked two while walking around).

When we were searching for properties, we were typically looking for more wooded land than this one has, in order to gather wood for fuel, hunt, make maple syrup and house pigs. While the woods are lacking a bit, the property presents a “blank slate” feel to it, in which we are blessed to have more pasture than needed (we think) and can turn some of it back into a sugar bush, orchard, deer getaway, etc in specific locations and at a time of our choosing.


Winter view from the western line of the property (and highest point) looking down towards the house and barns. Pond is to the left, just out of the picture.

Winter view from the western line of the property and highest point, looking down towards the house and barns. Pond is to the left, just out of the picture.


In addition, the way the land lays really lends itself to grazing the way we want to. We can set up permanent fence in long east-west rows, spaced intentionally to create 1/2 acre paddocks with temporary cross fencing. The pond in the north-west corner is spring-fed and at a high point on the land, and we are already planning to enlarge the pond and run underground lines from it along the permanent fence. The water line will have taps every so often to connect a hose to the portable water tank that will follow the herd from paddock to paddock. This gravity-fed setup will provide plenty of water pressure without any energy required to pump it.

Overhead view w: border.001

The top picture is an overhead view with the property boundaries in red, the bottom is the same view with the pond and spring-fed creeks added.

The top picture is an overhead view with the property boundaries in red, the bottom is the same view with the pond and spring-fed creeks added.


Even the buildings are just about perfect for us. First, the house and garage, which are ridiculously nice, next the pole barn that is already in place for equipment. There is a cinder block building at the base of the hill, which is the first building you come to in the complex. This will be perfect to eventually set up an on-farm store to sell our products. There is even a little cool house between the house and barns which I plan to setup as a smoke house to cure our own meats! The only thing lacking is a small barn to house chickens in the winter, a dairy cow for home use, maybe horses someday, and assorted sick animals as needed, but there is an open spot with pasture access that seems custom made for that use. Perfect!!

A beautiful day, and a beautiful property!!

A beautiful day, and a beautiful property!!

As you can tell, our dreams and imaginations are running wild with the promise and possibilities! It is so nice to KNOW where we are going next, and to “dream specific” regarding plans, farm setup, etc. We are being careful to not get too far ahead of ourselves though, knowing that most of our decisions regarding farm setup will come after we move onto the land and have lived there for a time. Only then will we really be able to make smart decisions on when and where to spend our money to setup and improve the farm. So for now, we smile excitedly when our eyes meet, dreaming and discussing our new reality, and preparing to move to the farm in less than 2 months!!

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6 Responses to We Bought The Farm!!

  1. Wow. That’s a nice place. Congratulations!

  2. Tamica says:

    So excited for you guys! Can’t wait to see what you make of it!

    • As I said in the post, the “blank slate” feel to the property is one of my favorite things about it. We have a long-term view of the land, and are already planning to plant some trees (think visual screen, sugar bush, orchard, berry patch, etc), enlarge the pond… the list goes on and on. It might take us 15 years, but that’s cool, we intend to set down our roots! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Good luck to you guys as you continue your self-sufficient journey!

  3. wow…it is really happening. Congratulations!
    If you decide to move on the sugar bush, let me know and I will let you know when we boil next late winter early spring…and clue you into some resources for sugaring

    • I know… only 36 days before we drive away from MS towards OH!! That is, of course, if the AF approves my separation date, which they have yet to do.

      Thanks for the offer on sugaring info, I will definitely be in touch! Take care.

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