Moving Day!!

After years of dreaming, months of waiting, and days of preparation… it is official. We are moving to the farm! This post will mark the transition, as it will be the last one I make as a “wanna be farmer”. The next entry will be made as a “beginning farmer”, direct from Pastured Providence Farmstead’s base of operations in Chillicothe, OH. There will be a ton to cover then, as we get started preparing the overgrown pastures for seed, addressing existing fencing needs, gathering our equipment, evaluating the lay of the land, and beginning the marketing process.

I will miss flying this incredible aircraft, especially formation 10' away from another plane!

I will miss flying this incredible aircraft, especially formation 10′ away from another plane!

It has been a remarkable journey so far, with all the promise of excitement, heartbreak and uncertainty yet to come. As my active duty Air Force career comes to a close, it is interesting that much of the frustration fades as I’m reminded of the good, and the honorable. I will miss flying the T-6 very much, and my current squadron has been absolutely wonderful. Click this link for a short video one of my buds made in tribute to the 41st Flying Training Squadron “Flying Buzzsaws”, which also shows a few snapshots of my last 3.5 years of duty training the next generation of combat pilots.

The sun is indeed setting, on both my T-6 and active duty career…

Now is the time to stop looking backwards, and turn full face towards the challenges and rewards that await us on the farm. We are excited that this transition has arrived, even if it appears like a runaway train barreling down on us! There is a bunch to do, but regardless of whether or not we ever get fully organized in preparation, or eat at our favorite restaurants one last time, or see every dear friend we’ve made while stationed here… we will be driving away towards Ohio on the 15th of August. This blog will be quiet for a short time, while we wrap up details here in Mississippi (and lose connectivity) and get ourselves established on the farm. As a reminder, you can also check out our Facebook site for shorter, more frequent bits of information. Until then, farewell to the T-6 Texan… Ohio here we come!!

Paul Sig  

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