Land Preparation

When we showed up on the farm in August, it looked a lot different than when I had come up to check things out initially in early April. It was greener, flowers were blooming, and everything felt more alive in the dog days of summer. The land was also very overgrown, since the sellers had moved out and the place had sat vacant over a month. So I spent a lot of time mowing (with the deck set super high) and bush-hogging, but what really commanded my attention was the 20 acres behind the house that had 10′ tall weeds growing! By no fault of the seller’s, we went under contract for this property just as a neighboring farmer had started preparing the land for corn. He had tilled, picked rocks, and applied fertilizer in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Then we signed the papers and shouted “STOP”, … Continue reading

Coming Up For Air

GAAAAAASSSSSSPPPPP!!!    Yup, that’s about what it feels like!! We are finally at a point that we feel like we are able to tread water and resume some of our normal routines, blogging included. There is so much to update, so I’ll try my best to keep things consolidated and to the point.    Our move was mostly uneventful, with some drama in Ohio. Between the moving van hitting a building and the light pole in front of the house, to the moving company thinking that 4 guys and a hand-truck were enough to handle unloading my 1100+ pound gun safe, then dropping it on it’s back, then abdicating responsibility for the damages because I jumped in to help… let’s just say I’ve had enough of them for a while. Our house is a disaster area, but is getting better every day as boxes continue to come out empty. Heather … Continue reading