Coming Up For Air


Yup, that’s about what it feels like!! We are finally at a point that we feel like we are able to tread water and resume some of our normal routines, blogging included. There is so much to update, so I’ll try my best to keep things consolidated and to the point.

Our move was mostly uneventful, with some drama in Ohio. Between the moving van hitting a building and the light pole in front of the house, to the moving company thinking that 4 guys and a hand-truck were enough to handle unloading my 1100+ pound gun safe, then dropping it on it’s back, then abdicating responsibility for the damages because I jumped in to help… let’s just say I’ve had enough of them for a while. Our house is a disaster area, but is getting better every day as boxes continue to come out empty. Heather loves the property and likes the house, even though there are little things she would change if she could. I tell her “Don’t worry… we’ve got the rest of our lives to fix that”!

Our moving truck had some problems maneuvering around and up the driveway...

Our moving truck had some problems maneuvering around and up the driveway…


... and the driver's issues didn't end there. Whoops!

… and the driver’s issues didn’t end there. Whoops!

The land is more beautiful than I remembered it, likely due to the fact that I visited in early April before things had really greened up and were growing. Both the lawn and the fields were pretty overgrown since it was vacant for a month before we arrived, so a bulk of our initial work was knocking everything down with a mower and a brush hog. This was interesting to me because the cleaner/clearer the land got, the more excited (and slightly overwhelmed) I became about the possibilities. However, it also felt a little like I was wasting time, in that I wasn’t working on anything that directly affected the farm. At least I recognized the feeling, and was able to force myself to be patient, knowing that taking the time to make sure everything is prepared now will pay dividends later, once we get animals on the farm.

We had a bunch of brush hogging to do in order to knock the property into shape!

We had a bunch of brush hogging to do in order to knock the property into shape!

Our neighbors, John & Patty, made the effort to greet us right away, bringing us a pumpkin roll as a house-warming gift. We hadn’t been at the house more than 10 minutes when John pulled up, which we didn’t mind at all… especially since he was responsible for keeping an eye on the place until we got here! On the other side of the property, Eric & Anita introduced themselves while they were out driving their fence line watching their cows. Both sets of neighbors have been very inviting, helpful and full of information about the property and its past.

Both the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful here, but Heather's only seen one of the two so far! Luckily she captured it perfectly.

Both the sunrises and sunsets are beautiful here, but Heather’s only seen one of the two so far! Luckily for all of you, she captured it perfectly.

I have been able to make some progress on setting up the farm, but I’ll save that for another post. For now, just know that the land is inviting, the sunsets are gorgeous and the wildlife is in abundance. We couldn’t be happier at this stage of the farm’s beginnings, as we begin to acquaint ourselves with the property and surrounding area.

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  1. JP says:

    Thought you might appreciate this:
    “I am the heart and the soul of a man and his family. I am clothed in the garb of the American Spirit, draped in Liberty and shod with an independent “can do” attitude. I live on today as a living example of the hopes and dreams of an early American man. I keep a vanishing past of integrity and freedom alive with my very breath, my heart beats to a Godly drum of Longevity and Purpose, and in my mind, I remember, ah, I remember… the past by my amazing buildings and his workmanship, the beauty of a land and a place called home. And with my voice, I speak of a time gone by, of a new country of hope and destiny, of honor and skill and contentment. May you listen and hear the living heritage of America as you visit me…
    I am the American Farm”

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