Get Your Grass-Fed Beef Here!

With all the excitement and drama surrounding Cebu, I almost forgot to update everyone about the most exciting development on our farmstead… we now have cows! That’s right, we’re real farmers!! We had settled on a breed some time ago, deciding that we would raise Red Poll cattle. They are a moderate-framed, easy calving, heritage breed, all of which means that they should perform admirably on our farm. They are listed as “threatened” by The Livestock Conservancy, an organization that we reference often to keep heritage breeds at the forefront of all our operations. On top of all that, they are beautiful animals and generally thrive on grass-based farms like ours. The one problem with choosing heritage breeds is locating viable options for seed stock, which I guess makes sense. In my searching I came into contact with a Red Poll guru named Dan, a 3rd generation breeder who has … Continue reading

Flight Of The Cebu

As I mentioned last post, we were pleased to welcome two gentle giants to our farm in the form of Sable and Cebu. We’d read before their arrival that Great Pyrenees dogs were smart, willful, and noisy; but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you’ve lived it! Sable is everything we would want in a LGD: pretty, chill, sweet, obedient-ish, and quiet unless there is something approaching her territory. Cebu on the other hand is, umm, well, at least he’s handsome! His tenure with us started off with a bang (actually, sparks). I had crafted him a fine looking enclosure out of temporary step-in posts and electrified twine. I was ahead of the game, I thought, in my attempt to train him to the electric fence that would ultimately contain both him and our animals out on the pastures. Unfortunately, his thick coat prevented the fence from … Continue reading