Transparency… We Mean It!

Recently, someone who follows our Facebook page commented on a picture we posted of our new pigs. In the picture (below), she noticed that the pigs were in a small enclosure of some sort, and said “Just curious but why are they in a small pen?”. She was implying that, in her perception, the way these pigs were being housed might not be compatible with our professed values, and requested an explanation. To some, this might have been a little forward, or somehow out of place. And to some ranchers it may have ruffled some feathers in a “none of your business” sort of way. But this friend of ours knew that she could safely ask that of us without fear of negative blowback, thanks to another of our professed values: transparency. In fact, transparency is one of the cornerstone concepts of our farm, and it is completely foreign to … Continue reading

Sheep, And Their Role On Our Farm

I was always dead set against having sheep. I didn’t like the idea of them, I don’t eat lamb meat, and I don’t naturally have a “heart” for sheep like I do for cows. That being said, we have recently welcomed 10 St. Croix sheep onto our farm. Why the change of heart, you ask? Simple – economics. At a grazing conference I attended while still stationed in MS, the grass-fed guru there (Jim Gerrish, of American Grazinglands Services) included some statistics on the amount of protein one can raise on a per-acre basis, comparing beef-only, lamb-only, and combination herds. The dollar amounts might differ based on location, but the point remains the same: Cow-calf operation = $552/acre Ewe-lamb operation = $1399/acre Combination herd = $1806/acre Let’s just say that I perked up at those numbers! I love cows, but I love staying in business and raising my children on the … Continue reading