The Day To Day Life Of A Rancher: Fencing

Until yesterday, our cows and sheep have been living their lives in a feed lot-style paddock, eating bales of hay that we had cut when we first arrived on the farm. I’m grateful to have these paddocks available because we wouldn’t have been able to buy livestock without them, but I was also extremely cognizant of the fact that they weren’t living the way I wanted them to. The ground got very mucky around the bale feeders (especially when the snow thawed), the animals were dirty, and the ground was treacherous walking with all the pock marks made by the cows’ hooves. Overall the situation was ok, but not great. That has all changed now that I’ve recently finished my permanent fencing project for our south fields, a 17 acre portion of our property that is divided roughly in half by a hedge row. I’ve been concentrating on getting this … Continue reading