Why We Almost Didn’t Raise Chickens

As we’ve planned out our various enterprises, there has always been a lingering thought in the back of my brain: “Is there a reason why so few people raise meat chickens”? As we followed Nature’s Harmony Farm from their inception, one of the first things they shed as unprofitable was broilers. Digging through farms listed on Eatwild, few of them offered chicken. And this trend flies in the face of customer requests, as we’ve heard time and time again… “Will you have chicken, we’d love to buy some”. There must be a reason, I wondered. Well the wondering is over, and the answer is clear: Chickens promise to be the least profitable enterprise we offer, in fact it took some financial gymnastics to get them to the point of even being in consideration! But before we got to that point, we struggled to find a breed of chicken that fit … Continue reading

DIY: Apple Cidering

Apple cider has a special place in my heart thanks to fond childhood memories of pressing apples, and I haven’t done a DIY post in a while, so I thought it would be the perfect subject to dive into. Let’s start by defining what we’re discussing, since many people are confused with the subtle difference between apple cider and apple juice. Cider is made by crushing apples and squeezing the fluid out, juice is made by taking cider and clarifying/filtering it to make it clear, as well as sweetening it. Cider contains a fair amount of sediment and is cloudy, juice usually is not. Juice is made from cider, and cider is the original juice… got it? Great! Making apple cider is incredibly easy, gratifying, and delicious. The biggest investment is in the press, of course, but there are plenty of DIY options to get around buying a full-up press. … Continue reading