Choosing A Chicken Breed

The decision on which chicken to raise for meat was almost as hard as the decision to raise meat chickens at all! For whatever reason, there wasn’t a clear favorite that matched our requirements, values, and vision. Instead, we found ourselves mired in the multitude of breeds, trying to sort through the fluff (and feathers) to find a chicken that we could really get behind and support. Our difficulty stemmed from the lack of specialization in the non-industrial breeds, an abundance of fancy show breeds, and the presence of hybrid varieties targeting the alternative market. From a homesteading perspective, a “dual purpose” chicken would be a good thing, a relatively good egg layer that was somewhat edible when that time came. The problem with that concept from a business perspective, and ultimately the reason why breeds like the Cornish Cross (meat) and the White Leghorn (eggs) are so prolific in the … Continue reading

Price List Is Released!

For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook or receive emails from our mailing list, I would like to call your attention to the links at the top of our webpage. While all of them have valuable content that you might enjoy, I’m specifically referring to the “Prices/Availability” tab. There you will find our newly released 2014 Price List and Order Form, as well as additional information on product availability, the ordering process, and our local processor. As you can imagine, this is a VERY big deal for us, and marks the transition from ridiculously expensive hobby farm to (hopefully) profitable business enterprise! I hope you find the information useful, and that you print yourself off an order form and send it in right away! If any questions arise while you are checking out the web page, feel free to email, call, or comment, and I’ll get back … Continue reading