Old-Fashioned Barn Raising

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and fall is officially here. And with it comes the realization that I am WAY behind in addressing the main issue we faced last winter: the lack of proper infrastructure to deal with cold, wind, and freezing precipitation. I spent entirely too much time and energy last year keeping my animals warm and dry, and in some cases failed in that most important of jobs, and it was the animals who ultimately suffered. At the time I promised myself “never again”, but with the warmer weather came a litany of additional tasks that served as a distraction and pushed our winter woes lower and lower on the list of priorities. But now, with another winter impending, those considerations have percolated back to the top of the list, but now there are only 60 days or so to get things taken care of! … Continue reading

I’m Back!

Back when I had time to read other farmer’s blogs, I distinctly remember a common theme appearing. After cranking out regular posts with great content, there was always a point at which they sort of dropped off the map. After a while, they would re-appear, apologizing for losing focus and telling some sob story about how the farm got ahead of them and required their full attention. Some would apply themselves with renewed vigor and make up lost ground, others switched gears or formats to accommodate their new reality, and others just sort of fizzled away. While I definitely fit the first half of that theme, I’m honestly not sure where this story ends. I took some good-natured kidding from one of our customers about “not having blogged in a while”, and after looking at the date on my last post I realized that that is a massive understatement! It’s … Continue reading