I’m Back!

Back when I had time to read other farmer’s blogs, I distinctly remember a common theme appearing. After cranking out regular posts with great content, there was always a point at which they sort of dropped off the map. After a while, they would re-appear, apologizing for losing focus and telling some sob story about how the farm got ahead of them and required their full attention. Some would apply themselves with renewed vigor and make up lost ground, others switched gears or formats to accommodate their new reality, and others just sort of fizzled away.

While I definitely fit the first half of that theme, I’m honestly not sure where this story ends. I took some good-natured kidding from one of our customers about “not having blogged in a while”, and after looking at the date on my last post I realized that that is a massive understatement! It’s been on my to-do list, but once I let it slip once, it became easier and easier to put off. So I’m back… for now. I’m committed to blogging, but I’ll spare you the shameless groveling and weak excuses. Instead, I’m going to pretend like nothing happened, and that I’ve been blogging steady and regular with no real-life interruptions!

Coming soon, details and pictures from our recent barn raising… stay tuned!
Paul Sig


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  1. Lol….. My blog shows a post from Christmas 2015 still featured on the front page… It’s after New Year 2017! I see myself in this post. Glad to see your plans happening 🙂

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