DIY – Rendering Lard

Despite the crazy looks we get sometimes, we remain committed to the concept of using the entire animal after its life on earth comes to an end. Call it sentimental, humane, or just plain efficient, we whole-heartedly endorse the idea of minimizing what goes in the rendering barrel by utilizing minor cuts of meat, fat, organs, etc. As with all things, there is a wide array of commitment levels in this regard, from the discerning eater who still can’t stand the sight/smell/texture of liver and onions, to some customers who encouraged us to package and sell chicken feet to make an unbelievably rich and hearty broth! By the way, we still have a package of chicken feet left in the freezer if anyone is interested. Wherever you find yourself on that scale, I’m here to encourage you to get on board with one underutilized portion of our animals: their fat. Once … Continue reading