Moving Day!!

After years of dreaming, months of waiting, and days of preparation… it is official. We are moving to the farm! This post will mark the transition, as it will be the last one I make as a “wanna be farmer”. The next entry will be made as a “beginning farmer”, direct from Pastured Providence Farmstead’s base of operations in Chillicothe, OH. There will be a ton to cover then, as we get started preparing the overgrown pastures for seed, addressing existing fencing needs, gathering our equipment, evaluating the lay of the land, and beginning the marketing process.    It has been a remarkable journey so far, with all the promise of excitement, heartbreak and uncertainty yet to come. As my active duty Air Force career comes to a close, it is interesting that much of the frustration fades as I’m reminded of the good, and the honorable. I will miss … Continue reading

Kubota RTV And Stock Trailer Purchases

In all the research, reading, and discussions I’ve had with farmers and ranchers who are doing something similar to what we envision, several common threads have surfaced. One example goes like this: “If I had to do it all over again, I would have waited to buy a tractor. I wish I had purchased our side-by-side UTV first… I use it every single day of the year!” I always try to gain as much insight as possible from those who are further along this path than we are, and make smarter decisions because of that insight. Hopefully that will keep me out of any major pitfalls, and assist the farm in becoming profitable sooner. With that in mind (even though I already own 2 tractors, one newly restored and the other I bought for a great deal), I’m ecstatic to reveal my two most recent farm purchases… a Kubota RTV … Continue reading

Copyrights & Trademarks – The Exciting Side Of Farming (Part 2)

In my riveting previous installment, we discussed trademarks, their applicability, intent and cost. And we arrived at the conclusion that the painful process didn’t fit the reward, at least in our case. That being said, if there is someone reading this who is smart on the implications of skipping out of trademarking, please speak up. I would hate to miss or not consider something, only to find out the hard way later that it was actually a bargain!    Copyrighting is an equally muddled topic, but at least we have some concrete actions we can take to put into effect. As previously discussed, copyrights are intended to protect original works of authorship, including literature, art, drama and music. Copyrighting gives the author the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform or display said works, or authorize others to do so. The interesting thing about a copyright is that it enforces a … Continue reading

Copyrights & Trademarks – The Exciting Side Of Farming (Part 1)

Ok, ok… while copyrights and trademarks aren’t as sexy as grass-fed beef and restored tractors (humor me), nonetheless they were issues that we had to deal with to arrive where we are now. I include them in this blog on the off chance that someone eventually reads this who will follow in our footsteps and start a farm, and might need some assistance cutting through the fog to figure out how they will tackle these questions. Plus this blog is all about “transparency”, so along with the exciting, you (whoever you are) get to share in the mundane as well. If we had to figure it out, then you have to hear about it!!    The legalities of using a logo and slogan were of utmost importance to us, especially as we were running our logo contest through Hatchwise. I can’t tell you how many times it came up in … Continue reading

DIY: Backyard Composting

If you are going to have raised garden beds (or any type of garden for that matter), you need to be able to deal with the extra refuse that comes from all those delicious vegetables and return nutrients to your soil that have been depleted. To complete the circle of life… compost! I will cover three different types of composting in this post but it is worth some internet research, as there are many varying and innovative ways to accomplish this task. The methods we’ll talk about here are aerobic, anaerobic (trench) and vermiculture.    When most people think of composting, the image that pops into their mind is some variation of the aerobic method. Think piling up your scraps, mixing in some carbonaceous material and turning it over periodically. Generally speaking, you want an approximate 50:50 ratio between kitchen scraps (typically nitrogen heavy) and shredded paper, leaves, dried grass … Continue reading

We Bought The Farm!!

We are excited and pleased to announce that Pastured Providence Farmstead finally has a physical place to call home… nestled in the hills just outside of Chillicothe, Ohio!! Last week we officially closed on the property, and couldn’t be happier with how things ultimately turned out.    Aswe mentioned here, the land is 111 acres total, mostly pastures and tillable acreage with approximately 10-15 acres of woods, as well as a pond and several springs. It has a beautiful house, 4-car detached garage, large pole barn, several smaller out buildings. The house and barns are located just about dead center on the property, with a long 1/2 mile driveway off a small country road. What we like most about the land is the availability of grazeable acres and apparent ease in setting up a rotational grazing system. When we were searching for properties, we were typically looking for more wooded … Continue reading

The Problem With Organic

Mixed in amongst last week’s gossip about the 2013 Tony Awards and the latest PR nightmare for our current administration revolving around government spying on its citizens and lying to Congress, lay a less reported, but no less important story: An outbreak of Hepatitis A has been linked to organic frozen berries, offered through Townsend Farms of Fairview, Oregon. How could this happen? I thought certified organic products were supposed to be better, healthier and free from contaminants? After reading the article again, the bigger picture began to take shape, and among other things it revealed what I view as the biggest “chink” in organic food’s armor.    Organic food offers consumers an improvement over “conventional” agriculture, in that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics and chemicals normally applied carte blanche in heavy doses are not allowed. Animals are given more space and “access” to the outdoors than normally afforded their counterparts, … Continue reading

DIY: Restoring A Farmall Cub Tractor

I’ve always secretly considered myself a “man’s man”, capable and learned in the craft of all things manly. I’m equally comfortable around woodworking, plumbing, laying tile & brick, electrical work, general tinkering, and around-the-house upkeep… but one (of several) chinks in my man armor was the fact that I knew next to nothing about engines. I’ve always changed my own oil, and have bumbled my way through minor maintenance on my vehicles in the past, but I didn’t grow up learning much in the way of a mechanic’s trade. So more than 2 years ago, I decided that I wanted to make myself a better man, a more manly man. I wanted to increase my knowledge of all things vehicle-related from squat to superfluous, from insufficient to impressive, from… well, you get the picture! Originally I was thinking of restoring an old Chevy pickup, but in the spirit of the decision … Continue reading

The Million Dollar Question

Have you ever upset someone so much that they couldn’t speak? That was the (wildly uncomfortable) situation I found myself in when I told my mother that we had made our decision… I was getting out of the Air Force after 12 years, foregoing an active duty retirement and walking away to start a farm. The silence was deafening. She was mad. Mad because in her mind I was endangering my family by foolishly quitting a career that I was good at. Mad because I was turning my back on a stable job that pays extremely well in the worst of uncertain times. Of course I know that she only wanted the best for us and was/is scared for us, and to her credit there is an element of truth in all of her concerns.   Ultimately, all of her fears boil down to financial security, and to be perfectly … Continue reading

“Plan B”: Southern Ohio?

It is truly amazing how God works and moves. Barely 1 month ago, we were lamenting the train wreck that our dreams had come to in NY. Forced to pick ourselves up and move forward into the unknown, we began to consider other locations/states/options. Realizing that southern Ohio still held a lot of promise & natural beauty, as well as the strong pull of proximity to our generation of family, we began to explore that area and found several possibilities. We knew time wasn’t on our side anymore, so I took some leave and drove up there just 2 weeks later to check things out in person. I was excited to find a really nice place for sale by owner, a place that I could “see it” as soon as I drove onto the property.    The land consists of about 90 acres of tillable/pasture land, around 15 acres of … Continue reading