How Did I End Up Here?

I have to admit, this is wildly awkward for me right now. As someone who has sworn allegiance to the word “simple” and declared most matters of technology restrictive and unnecessary, I now find myself… writing a blog? How did I end up here? What brings me to venture into the world of hash-tags, ping-backs and something called a “gravatar”, which I’m pretty sure is some sort of gremlin that lives on my server? My answer: A deep love for cows, but more on that later. This blog is an attempt to detail my family’s complete shift in mentality, values and vision as we transition from a comfortable-ish life moving up through the United States military command structure towards something altogether different: that of making a living off the land by raising and selling grass-fed meats and other “natural” products direct to consumers. In the spirit of Nature’s Harmony Farm, Little … Continue reading