Upcoming Farm School!

If you’ve made it this far on this blog, you deserve a pat on the back… it took real patience and perseverance to make that happen! The reality is that I don’t blog anymore, I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it these days. Maybe I will again someday… But hey, while you’re here I wanted to take the opportunity to personally invite you to consider attending our upcoming Farm School on April 29-30. You are obviously dedicated to sustainable, pasture-based, humane livestock farming… exactly the kind of people we hope to draw to our phenomenal (if I don’t say so myself) event! Click here to be lifted from the world of “what once was” to the the world of “what could be”!

Why We Almost Didn’t Raise Chickens

As we’ve planned out our various enterprises, there has always been a lingering thought in the back of my brain: “Is there a reason why so few people raise meat chickens”? As we followed Nature’s Harmony Farm from their inception, one of the first things they shed as unprofitable was broilers. Digging through farms listed on Eatwild, few of them offered chicken. And this trend flies in the face of customer requests, as we’ve heard time and time again… “Will you have chicken, we’d love to buy some”. There must be a reason, I wondered. Well the wondering is over, and the answer is clear: Chickens promise to be the least profitable enterprise we offer, in fact it took some financial gymnastics to get them to the point of even being in consideration! But before we got to that point, we struggled to find a breed of chicken that fit … Continue reading

Farm Planning In Person

Now that we are physically on the property, farm planning takes on a whole different level. I’m finding that some things are clearer, while others have a lot more gray than before we arrived. For this post, I’ll just try to give a sense of what we’re thinking about and planning for, now that the land is laid out before us. As I discussed in this post, the very first thing we did when we got here was replace the weeds with grass, and get the pasture on its way to recovery. This was priority number one for several reasons. For one, it’s kind of hard to raise pasture-based animals without the pasture! In addition, the cool season grasses we planted (fescue, orchard grass, blue grass) needed to be in the ground no later than mid-September in order for them to germinate, develop a strong root structure, go dormant for … Continue reading

Copyrights & Trademarks – The Exciting Side Of Farming (Part 2)

In my riveting previous installment, we discussed trademarks, their applicability, intent and cost. And we arrived at the conclusion that the painful process didn’t fit the reward, at least in our case. That being said, if there is someone reading this who is smart on the implications of skipping out of trademarking, please speak up. I would hate to miss or not consider something, only to find out the hard way later that it was actually a bargain!    Copyrighting is an equally muddled topic, but at least we have some concrete actions we can take to put into effect. As previously discussed, copyrights are intended to protect original works of authorship, including literature, art, drama and music. Copyrighting gives the author the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform or display said works, or authorize others to do so. The interesting thing about a copyright is that it enforces a … Continue reading

Copyrights & Trademarks – The Exciting Side Of Farming (Part 1)

Ok, ok… while copyrights and trademarks aren’t as sexy as grass-fed beef and restored tractors (humor me), nonetheless they were issues that we had to deal with to arrive where we are now. I include them in this blog on the off chance that someone eventually reads this who will follow in our footsteps and start a farm, and might need some assistance cutting through the fog to figure out how they will tackle these questions. Plus this blog is all about “transparency”, so along with the exciting, you (whoever you are) get to share in the mundane as well. If we had to figure it out, then you have to hear about it!!    The legalities of using a logo and slogan were of utmost importance to us, especially as we were running our logo contest through Hatchwise. I can’t tell you how many times it came up in … Continue reading

The Branding Of Our Farm

No, not kind involving a hot iron and a squirmy calf…   The branding I’m talking is the kind of business savvy that intentionally develops an image, message and target audience, and works to maintain a certain reputation within that audience. The kind of branding that has fostered the creation of brand management companies, branding agencies and a host of other associated terms/roles. While all of that may seem a little out of reach for us, we have committed to a certain level of branding for Pastured Providence Farmstead, starting with our name, logo and web presence.     We are very pleased with the name of our future farm, if I don’t say myself. It means something to us, and hopefully will to others as well. But it didn’t come easy, in fact it took months of discussion and brain-storming.  We had a general framework agreed upon, but as … Continue reading