Upcoming Farm School!

If you’ve made it this far on this blog, you deserve a pat on the back… it took real patience and perseverance to make that happen! The reality is that I don’t blog anymore, I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it these days. Maybe I will again someday… But hey, while you’re here I wanted to take the opportunity to personally invite you to consider attending our upcoming Farm School on April 29-30. You are obviously dedicated to sustainable, pasture-based, humane livestock farming… exactly the kind of people we hope to draw to our phenomenal (if I don’t say so myself) event! Click here to be lifted from the world of “what once was” to the the world of “what could be”!

Why We Almost Didn’t Raise Chickens

As we’ve planned out our various enterprises, there has always been a lingering thought in the back of my brain: “Is there a reason why so few people raise meat chickens”? As we followed Nature’s Harmony Farm from their inception, one of the first things they shed as unprofitable was broilers. Digging through farms listed on Eatwild, few of them offered chicken. And this trend flies in the face of customer requests, as we’ve heard time and time again… “Will you have chicken, we’d love to buy some”. There must be a reason, I wondered. Well the wondering is over, and the answer is clear: Chickens promise to be the least profitable enterprise we offer, in fact it took some financial gymnastics to get them to the point of even being in consideration! But before we got to that point, we struggled to find a breed of chicken that fit … Continue reading

The Problem With Organic

Mixed in amongst last week’s gossip about the 2013 Tony Awards and the latest PR nightmare for our current administration revolving around government spying on its citizens and lying to Congress, lay a less reported, but no less important story: An outbreak of Hepatitis A has been linked to organic frozen berries, offered through Townsend Farms of Fairview, Oregon. How could this happen? I thought certified organic products were supposed to be better, healthier and free from contaminants? After reading the article again, the bigger picture began to take shape, and among other things it revealed what I view as the biggest “chink” in organic food’s armor.    Organic food offers consumers an improvement over “conventional” agriculture, in that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics and chemicals normally applied carte blanche in heavy doses are not allowed. Animals are given more space and “access” to the outdoors than normally afforded their counterparts, … Continue reading