Custom Baling & Wrapping

If you find yourself in need of help harvesting or preserving your hay, whether the cold front is approaching quicker than advertised or the weekend is running out on you, I’m here to help. I can either join you in baling your prepared hay, or if you need to bale a little wetter than you’d like I can wrap your bales as “wet wrap” or “baleage” to preserve the nutritional quality of your forage!

I’ve been there… there is nothing like the sinking feeling of watching storm clouds gather

If custom baling is what you need, then I can show up with a 4×5 round baler. You take care of cutting, drying, and raking… I’ll help with the baling. If all your hard work is still laying out in the field, then the ability to get some help baling it up and ensuring you have dry hay for your livestock or for sale is priceless! Actually, that’s not true… I’ll charge $10/bale plus equipment transportation from my farm in Chillicothe, Ohio.

My NH450 stands ready to help get your hay rolled up

Alternatively, if you need to bale a little earlier & wetter than you’d like, then perhaps wrapping the hay as “baleage” is a better solution? “Wet wrap” is a tried & true method of fermenting forage using an anaerobic environment. Your bales get wrapped in an air-tight plastic seal, where bacteria naturally ferments the grasses into a highly palatable feed. No wastage, store outside, use bales individually… there are lots of reasons to love wet wrapped forage!

My Farm King BW-200 bale wrapper produces an individually wrapped bale right in the field!

I have found that net bales don’t need as many layers of plastic to seal correctly for fermentation, while twine bales need a little extra to account for the forage poking through the plastic. For that reason, I offer wet-wrapping at two different prices, in addition to equipment transportation:
– Twine bales (6 mil coverage) = $10.00/bale
– Net bales (4 mil coverage) = $8.50/bale
Of course, if you’d like to opt for 6 mil coverage on your net bales, that is no problem at all!

Individually wrapped bales, ready for winter feed

For either custom baling or custom wrapping services, please contact me for scheduling and a quote on equipment transportation costs.

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