Buy “Custom Cut”

Several benefits await when you purchase a whole or half animal and have it custom cut to your specifications. Benefits include:

  • Lower average price per pound when compared to an equivalent amount of retail cuts.
  • A totally customized experience. Eliminate unused cuts, maximize high use items, choose the thickness of your steak!
  • Food security. Rest easy with your family’s 6 month supply of meat bought & paid for, ready when you need it.

We’ve included lots of information on the process on our current price list & order form is located here:
Order Form
Click on this link to view and print the order form, then mail it to us along with your deposit to reserve your order.

Our current availability is below. Please remember to check back often for updated information, especially before you send in your order form and deposit. If you would like to verify availability (which we would welcome and recommend), please contact us.


  • Beef: 3 available for 2017
  • Lamb: 12 available for 2017
  • Pork: 16 available for 2017
  • Turkey: Check back soon for 2017 availability!

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