Pastured Meats

All of my animals are raised in a humane, sustainable and ecologically sound manner, which honors God and facilitates good stewardship of my land. I strive to create an environment where heritage animals are allowed to fully express themselves, live a quality life on pasture, then nourish my customers with healthy, delicious meat.

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Because the term “grass-fed” can be confusing, potentially misused, and sometimes inadequate, here is what you are really getting when you purchase my meats:

  • 100% grass-fed and finished: Cows and sheep consume no grain at anytime during their life on my farm, only grass, hay and supplemental minerals
  • All natural: No growth hormones or other adulterations, period. The grain-supplemented animals (pigs, turkeys, chickens) receive a non-GMO feed sourced from a fellow farmer less than 45 minutes away
  • Humanely raised: My animals spend their entire lives out on pasture, soaking in the sunlight and breathing clean, fresh air… no feed lots or confinement houses here
  • Antibiotic free: If I am forced to use an antibiotic for the good of the animal, then I will no longer sell that meat to my customers
  • Ecologically sustainable: I do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or other unnecessary chemicals on my pastures

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Click on the links below to learn more about each breed I raise on the farmstead, and find out how to get some to try for yourself:

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I am dedicated to the principle of transparency and believe that the concept is sounder than any 3rd party certification like organic, humane, etc. If you would like to see how my animals are raised, please get in contact with me to schedule a farm tour. I am proud of what I am doing on the farm, and look forward to the opportunity to show it off to potential (and existing) customers. Nothing to hide here, come see for yourself… instead of “Animal Welfare Approved” I strive to be “[insert your name here] Approved”!

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