How To Buy

My products are available all year round, and can be purchased via 3 general methods:

1. Retail
I offer a wide variety of products by the pound or package. All of my meat is frozen, vacuum sealed, and clearly labeled. You can view my available inventory and pricing on the Shop page, as well as selecting free delivery to Chillicothe & Kingston, a Customer Connection point in the Columbus metro area, or an on-farm pickup!

2. Bundles
Get the convenience and cost savings of buying in bulk over retail cuts, without having to worry about passing instructions to the processor, which cuts come from where, or how you’re going to store the volume required by custom cut. You still get to enjoy the convenience of having a broad selection of cuts (sorry, no substitutions) available in your freezer at a moments notice, but the smaller storage size is perfect for those with limited space.

1/8 Beef Bundle (save $62.30 over retail) includes:

  • Filet Steak (~0.6 lb)
  • Ribeye Steak (~1.3 lb)
  • NY Strip Steak (~1 lb) x 2
  • Sirloin Steak (~1 lb)
  • Round Steak (~2.5 lb) x 2
  • Round Tip Roast (~1.5 lb)
  • Chuck Pot Roast (~2.5 lb)
  • Stew Meat (~1 lb) x 2
  • Ground Beef (~1 lb) x 20

Note: For planning purposes, you’ll need approximately 3 cubic feet of freezer space to store the 1/8 Beef Bundle.

3. Custom Cut
A totally customized experience, purchasing your meat in this way allows you to eliminate unused cuts and maximize high use items. You choose everything, including types of cuts, number of items per package, and the thickness of your steak/chop! You still enjoy a lower average price per pound when compared to an equivalent amount of retail cuts, as well as the food security of having a 6-12 month supply of meat bought & paid for, ready for your family when you need it. View my 2019 Order Form for more information on the custom cut process.

My current custom cut availability is:

  • Beef: 5 available for 2020
  • Lamb: 3 available for 2020

To take advantage of any of these purchasing options, visit the Shop page and fill out the online order form. Of course if you have any questions, please contact us.

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