From Pilot To Pasture…

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We are two (relatively) young people who are in the middle of a massive and complete shift in mentality, values, vision and lifestyle. Until recently, Paul was an Air Force officer and pilot, and Heather was a pediatric occupational therapist turned stay-at-home mom to our beautiful children. But all that has changed drastically! In August of 2013, we left our comfortable life in the U.S. military to work full time at starting a farm in southern Ohio.

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Ever since the birth of our first born son, we have been on a journey of discovery regarding the issues surrounding vaccinations, food safety, pesticide use, GMOs, our government’s “regulatory” system and a host of other problems. Now we aim to find our place among the ranks of those who believe in a better way of raising food and are taking action based on those beliefs. Our vision is to make a living off the land by raising and selling pastured meats and other all-natural products direct to consumers, including beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, honey, maple syrup, soap, firewood and more.

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We are Christians, foodies, locavores and “Crunchy Conservatives”. We are many things, but we aren’t crazy. We know what we are up against and the challenges ahead, but find hope both in the Providence of God and the good will of those who are seeking to source their food from somewhere other than the inhumane, adulterated, ultra-processed, non-nutrative, industrial system. Feel free to discover more information about our farm and follow our family’s journey “from pilot to pasture” by using the tabs at the top of this page, as well as clicking on the Facebook icon.

Welcome to Pastured Providence Farmstead!

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