Buy “Retail”

Our retail meats are available all year round, and can be purchased via 3 methods:
1. Find us at the Chillicothe Farmers Market, Saturdays from 8-Noon, at 475 Western Avenue.
2. If Saturday mornings don’t work for you, or if you would simply prefer to, you can arrange a time to pick up your products here at the farm.
3. Buying Clubs are available for those who live or work in our surrounding metropolitan areas.

Our up-to-date inventory is listed below. Payment via cash, check, or credit card will be made upon pickup.

Non-GMO Pastured Eggs
Eggs – $5/doz

Non-GMO Pastured Pork
1/4 Pork Bundle – $195 (see Buy “Bundles” for details)

Loin chop – $10/lb
Loin roast – $10/lb
Boston butt roast – $8/lb
Spare ribs – $10/lb
Bacon – $12.00/lb
Ham – $8.00/lb
Ham Steaks – $8.00/lb
Hot Italian brats – $8/pkg of 4
Bratwurst brats – $8/pkg of 4
Bulk sausage (Hot, Maple, Mild) – $8/pkg (~1 lb)
Bean seasoning – $5/pkg (~1 lb)
Fat – $5/pkg (~1 lb)

100% Grass-fed Beef
1/8 Beef Bundle – $350 (see Buy “Bundles” for details)

Ground beef – $10/pkg (~1 lb)

100% Grass-Fed Lamb
Ground lamb – $15/pkg (~1 lb)
French cut (crown) loin roast – $20/lb
Lamb chop (loin) – $20/lb
Leg of Lamb (roast or sliced) – $18/lb
Shoulder (roast or sliced) – $15/lb
Shank – $15/lb
Liver – $5/pkg (~1 lb)

Buying Club Extras (available for purchase & delivery to Buying Club locations)
Hirsch Fruit Farm Apple Cider – $7/gal

Johnny B’s Sweet & Spicy Relish – $5/11 oz jar

Little E’s Jams & Jelly – $5/8 oz jar
Peach, Pear, Grape, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Triple Berry, Blackberry

Two Roasting Joes Fair Trade Organic Coffee – $10/12 oz pkg, whole bean/ground/12-pack K-cup
Columbian (Med), Honduran (Med), Guatemalan (Med), Peruvian (Med Dark), Sumatra (Dark)

** Don’t forget that we offer gift vouchers, so you can give the gift of wholesome, pastured, non-GMO, and grass-fed meats to all those you love!

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