“I prepared the hot pork sausage and it was delicious!! Will want more to have this winter so see you next week at the farmers market.” – Geri M.

“The brats we bought last week were the best we have ever eaten, as the sausage has been.” – Gordon A.

“I’m still enjoying the chicken I got from you on Saturday! I served six people dinner Sunday night (roast stuffed chicken) and yesterday we had a lovely chicken salad I made with leftover breast meat.  I have stock in a saucepan in the refrigerator for a soup coming up sometime today or tomorrow. Thank you for the results of your hard work!” – Kezia S.

“I rounded the check off to $100, because we are so pleased with the quality of the meat.  Please keep it.  We knew that your lamb would be superior to what we have bought from other sources, but the flavor and leanness surpassed even what we expected.  Thank you for supplying an excellent product!” – Marita P.

“The farm tour was a fabulous opportunity to learn about your farm! I think it is so valuable for people to actually see the chickens being moved, the fresh pasture being opened up for the cattle and sheep, etc. Those images made such an impression on me and increased my deep appreciation for the awesome things you are doing. I was so impressed to see a family caring greatly about their land and raising quality products to share with the community. I purchased a couple of the chickens and roasted one yesterday, it was hearty and delicious. Now the broth is brewing overnight, we will definitely be interested in more chicken!” – Carey B.

“Sampled the bacon this morning and it was delicious. Awesome aroma and that old timey taste!” – Michael M.

“We are happy with the pork! The sausage is very lean, just the way we like it! We were happy with Thatcher’s. They appeared to be extremely clean when we picked the pork!” – Linda B.

“Just wanted to say that the turkey was delicious! Hope you do that again next year. It was really tasty!” – Barb W.

“Thank you so much for making the experience of buying grass-fed beef enjoyable.  You were very helpful in the questions that we had.” – Mark D.

“Your ham is the best Christmas ham we have ever had! The bacon is hands down the best bacon period!” – Kurt R.

“I made shepherd’s pie with the ground beef we got from you. It was the best ground beef we’ve ever had! THANK YOU for doing such an awesome job at the farm and producing delicious, healthy, great quality products!!” – Simone N.

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